March 29, 2022

Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Basement and Crawlspace

Homeowners usually don’t consider the safety of their home’s basement and crawl space until something disastrous happens. Can you imagine dealing with water damage, one of the most common issues worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, which are preventable by simply constructing a crawl space properly or sealing a few cracks here and there?

When water pools around a house, the surrounding soil can become wet and shift away from the foundation. As the soil moves, it can stress the electrical wiring and cause structural damage to the house. When water appears outside your home, you should call a professional to assess your situation and mitigate its effects before any long-term damage occurs.

So before you contact water damage restoration services in Florida, here are some tips on water damage prevention:

Buy a Dehumidifier

If you have a basement, and it has high humidity, open the windows and turn on the fans to help ventilate it. In addition, consider installing a dehumidifier in a corner with easy, convenient drainage where it won't be disturbed. 

A high-quality energy-efficient basement dehumidifier is an excellent method to remove moisture from a room actively. Dehumidifiers are devices that effectively dry and remove water from penetrating. In particular, it helps to choose dehumidifiers built explicitly for crawl areas.

Employ Moisture Walls

You can also use heavy-duty materials known as vapor barriers to prevent moisture from seeping into your crawl space. Covering this floor area is effective against dampness. 

Always lay out moist barriers in continuous stretches; this makes protecting your crawl space’s floor easier. Even if the border has minor punctures, they will not let too much moisture through because of the thick and dense material used to make these barriers.

Get Cracking on Cracks

Inspect your crawl space for weak spots, then seal them to keep water out. It’s as simple as that!

Maintain Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is also an effective tool against water damage. It's a mechanical device that removes water from the basement or crawlspace before the water rises to a potentially damaging level. The sump pump is often hidden in the lower levels, working unobtrusively to remove excess water when it accumulates.

Maintain Your Roofing and Gutters as Well

Take out all leaves, moss, and branches from your roofing and gutters. This debris in the drainage system will restrict water drainage and facilitate mold growth. Protecting your roof from water damage is crucial because the correct roof, downspout, and gutter maintenance keep water out of your home.

Pick the Right Landscape

Water-loving shrubs can help absorb excess moisture in the soil. A landscaper may recommend plants appropriate for your terrain and determine how far away from your home’s foundation to place them. Ground moisture can be diverted from your home’s foundation by landscaping around it. For example, clay soil drains more slowly than sandy or rocky soil, so they might lead you to spend on water damage restoration services sooner rather than later.

Place Downspouts in the Correct Way

You should install downspouts eight feet above the ground, or at least that high if you put them on the side of your house. That way, the water won’t get near your home and reduce the chance of foundation or basement leaks. Downspout extensions also send water further away from your house and help you avoid spending on water damage restoration services.

Contact Water Damage Restoration Services in Florida Now

Water damage is not pretty, folks. They can result in costly repairs, not to mention the stress and health risks that affect the entire household. By ensuring you prevent it, you reduce the odds of dealing with an even bigger problem afterward. Ensure to go through each tip on this list and tick them off your to-do list.

Contact Swift Restoration today for effective water damage restoration services in Florida! We are one of the fastest-growing restoration companies in Florida and Louisiana, serving thousands of clients. We deliver the highest quality restoration work, exceptional customer service, and continual investment in our team members and equipment, so book your free inspection right now!

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