June 24, 2022

What Are the 3 Categories of Water Damage Restoration?

Understanding the different water sources can help you be more prepared when your home requires water damage restoration. Since some sources are not the same, it is essential to know how to handle them and what the risks may entail for your home’s restoration. This article will go through each one and the risks they may entail for your home.

Category 1 Water Damage Restoration

Category One water damage is the easiest form of water damage to deal with. Category One water damage is often water spillage, such as in a kitchen or bathroom. You can easily mop it up and wipe it away. This water is typically not a health risk and can often be very easy to deal with.

How Do You Handle Category 1 Water Damage?

You will need to follow the proper steps to make the restoration of your home easier, such as hiring the services of a professional cleaning company to handle the repair for you. This will save you a lot of money and time and allow you to focus on other things. 

When faced with category one water damage, you will want to be sure to get help from a professional, as they will know how to handle the situation.

Category 2 Water Damage Restoration

Category two water damage is a little less dangerous than category three, but involves more of the household plumbing. If a pipe breaks or otherwise fails, this is an issue that you can often handle yourself and save some money. 

However, you will want to seek professional advice before you try to remove or take this water damage. This water can be hazardous, so you want to have a professional handle the water issues.

How Do You Handle Category 2 Water Damage?

Category two water damage involves more of the plumbing, but since this is not always water you are dealing with, you want a professional to handle the issues. 

You can often use the services of a plumber to address this issue, or you can handle it yourself if you follow the correct precautions. You will have to make sure you do not inhale or ingest the water and make sure you are always wearing protective gear and clothing.

Category 3 Water Damage Restoration

Category three water damage restoration, also known as sewage water, is a severe issue that must be dealt with immediately. Because category three water may contain bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness, it is crucial to reduce exposure to anyone in the home. 

Sewage water, often referred to as black water, involves wastewater that usually contains fecal matter and other harmful contaminants. The best way to remove this is with a water extraction method that leaves the area safe for your home to be restored. 

How Do You Handle Category 3 Water Damage?

When faced with this type of water damage, you need to call a professional water damage restoration company that utilizes the latest technologies and practices. They will often work with companies to make sure your home is restored promptly and is safe for you and your family. 

When faced with this type of water damage, you may be faced with a considerable cost. However, you can often be taken care of to help with the cost of restoring your home.


Understanding the different types of water damage can help you better prepare for the situation. Knowing how to handle the various conditions can also help you ensure you are protected throughout the restoration process.

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