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Essential Steps in Preventing Mold Growth after Water Damage

Mold is a serious problem that can occur after water damage. If not treated quickly, mold can cause extensive damage to your home and pose a severe health risk to you and your family.  Molds are a type of fungi that can be found both outdoors and indoors. While most of them aren’t harmful, some […]

Guide to Dealing with Water Damage & Mold after a House Fire

Water damage is one of the most expected and expensive problems homeowners face after a fire. Even if the fire is successfully put out quickly, the water used to extinguish the flames can cause significant damage to your home. If not dealt with fast and correctly, water damage can lead to mold growth, structural damage, […]

Ways You Can Clean and Prevent Mold Growth In Your Mattress

Mold is a type of fungus that can cause allergic reactions in people. While they can grow on any material, they are most commonly found in foods and soil. However, finding them in your mattress is not unheard of. Before we dive into cleaning and preventing mold growth in your mattress, we want to know […]

How to Prevent or Lessen Water Damage after a Hurricane

Florida is known for its picturesque beaches and sunny weather. But every year, the state is also home to hurricane season from June to November. During this time, Florida residents and visitors need to be extra careful. Hurricane season can bring strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding.  A hurricane brings strong winds, heavy rain, and […]

What to Do Immediately after a Home Fire Incident

Unfortunately, home fire incidents are common in the United States, and they can quickly cause severe damage that can drastically alter a person's life. They never give warning and cause significant property damage, personal injury, and even fatalities. After a fire, it is easy to feel helpless and forget what needs to be done. Following […]

What You Need to Do When Dealing with Storm Damage

When a storm hits your home, it can be devastating. Your home is your most important asset, and when it gets damaged, it can be a major setback. But you can't just stand there and do nothing. You have to know what to do in case a storm hits your home and ends up damaging […]

Why Hire Professional Storm Damage Restoration Services?

It's the middle of summer; you're sitting on your porch enjoying a nice breeze when all of a sudden you hear a loud rumble. You look up to see a storm cloud heading your way, and within seconds, you're being pelted by rain and hail. Before you know it, there's a tree in your yard, […]

Debunking 3 Common Myths about Mold and Remediation Process

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow both indoors and outdoors. It is often found in damp or wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or basements. Mold can cause various health risks, and should never be left to continue to grow.  If you are concerned about mold and mold remediation, there […]

What Homeowners Should Do during Fire Damage Removal Process

There are many different causes of house fires. Ignition sources often lead to fires, and many are simply the result of an accident. For example, you might leave an iron or toaster on or forget to extinguish a cigarette. It's also possible that a malfunction with your electrical wiring could cause a fire. And, of […]

What You Should Know about Professional Mold Remediation

You'll probably have to deal with tons of renovation if your home gets flooded during a storm. After all, your sofas will get squishy, your floors wet, the carpets messy, and there will be mold around the walls. And even if you rely on your trusted humidifier, the mold will just be replaced by a […]

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