September 27, 2022

What to Do Immediately after a Home Fire Incident

Unfortunately, home fire incidents are common in the United States, and they can quickly cause severe damage that can drastically alter a person's life. They never give warning and cause significant property damage, personal injury, and even fatalities. After a fire, it is easy to feel helpless and forget what needs to be done.

Following a fire, here are some steps that every homeowner should take to ensure their safety and begin repairing the fire damage. Read on to discover what to do immediately after a fire incident.

Ensure Your Family’s Protection

The most important thing after a fire is to ensure that everyone is safe. Before you begin working on your home or property, make certain that your family is safe and that anyone who has been injured is receiving medical attention. Find a temporary place for your family to stay while the fire damage is cleaned up and restored.

Study the Fire Damage to Your Home

After the fire has been extinguished and everyone in your family has been safely evacuated, you should inspect the damage. You should contact the fire department first to determine whether or not it is safe to enter your home. They will review your identification documents, which may include your birth certificate, social security card, and other documents, after your request to enter has been approved. Investigate the fire damage to your home without putting yourself in danger. If a fire breaks out in your home, you should stay away from it and contact your insurance company.

Contact your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the fire and ask what you can do to help with the restoration of fire damage. This could include keeping a list of damaged items and their corresponding values, as well as keeping receipts as proof of loss. It could also just be a list of damaged items. You will be assisted in filing claims as well as receiving information about the provisions of your policy, including its benefits and options.

Speak with the Experts

Fire damage restoration and cleanup experts can help you restore your home after a fire. Corrosive byproduct damage can be safely mitigated and restored by professionals in the field of fire damage restoration who have received the necessary training and equipment. They can remove soot, smoke damage, and odors, as well as repair or rebuild your home if it has been damaged by smoke.

Document the Property Recovery and Restoration

There is a chance that some of your property and belongings can be saved after a fire. If you are permitted to return to your home following a fire, you should photograph every damaged item. Large losses are documented by public adjusters.

Seek Help from Family, Friends, and Community

After you have filed an insurance claim and begun repairing the damage caused by the fire, contact members of the family. Friends and family can help you recover from the trauma of a house fire by offering their support. Because repairing the fire damage could take several months, you may need to find temporary housing. Contacting family and friends who may have also been displaced by the fire is a good place to start when looking for a temporary residence.


Many homeowners are unsure what to do after a fire has been extinguished. This is understandable. Thankfully with the help of this guide, you will be able to begin the process of restoring fire damage and filing insurance claims, allowing you to restore both your home and your life. 

You must also contact a restoration specialist to help you get your home back in order and save as much of your property as possible. An expert team can repair any building materials that have been damaged by the fire, as well as remove odor and traces of smoke. Then, your home will be restored to its original condition once the restoration is completed.

Are you in need of fire damage restoration services in Florida? Swift Restoration is here to help you regain your life and your home after a disaster. Call us today and book a FREE inspection!

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