September 27, 2022

How to Prevent or Lessen Water Damage after a Hurricane

Florida is known for its picturesque beaches and sunny weather. But every year, the state is also home to hurricane season from June to November. During this time, Florida residents and visitors need to be extra careful. Hurricane season can bring strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding. 

A hurricane brings strong winds, heavy rain, and the possibility of flooding, which can damage your home. To protect your home from a hurricane, you should take steps to prepare before the storm arrives.

Water damage is a significant concern for any Florida homeowner, especially after a hurricane. If not dealt with quickly and correctly, it can lead to other issues like mold growth and structural damage. That is why it is vital to have a concrete plan in place for water damage restoration.

Keeping the Water Out

As we all know, water is one of the most destructive forces on earth. And when a hurricane hits, the damage it can cause is even worse. That is why taking preventive measures to keep the water out of your home after a storm is essential.

Before the hurricane hits your area, it is essential to ensure that all the openings in your home are properly sealed, which includes doors, windows, and other openings that allow water to enter. You should also check your roof and make sure that there are no leaks.

How to Deal with the Water that Got In

If water does enter your home, the next step in water damage restoration is to remove it as quickly as possible. The longer water stays in your house, the more problematic it will be. So, it is necessary to use a powerful vacuum to remove as much water as possible.

Water that enters your home must be removed immediately to prevent mold growth. It includes any saturated content. If the floodwater contains sewage, the area must be adequately decontaminated.

The next step is to remove the ruined drywall and insulation. It will prevent mold from growing in the future. Some contractors will only remove the drywall and insulation 12 inches above the flood line, but it is better to be safe and pull it all.

The Importance of Water Damage Restoration

There are a few reasons why water damage restoration is so important after a hurricane:

  1. It helps to prevent further damage to your property.
  2. It can prevent mold and mildew growth, which can cause serious health problems.
  3. It can help you get your insurance claim approved.

Hurricane water damage can be pervasive, and it is essential to have a reputable water damage restoration company step in and assess the damage. They will be able to tell you what needs to be done to restore your property and get it back to its pre-hurricane condition.

Please note that this is not a do-it-yourself project. It is essential to have an expert come in and do the work for you. They have the experience and the equipment to do the job right.


It is crucial to prevent water damage before and after a hurricane. It is essential to clear gutters and downspouts before the storm and to secure any loose items that the wind could blow. After the storm, it is vital to check for any water damage and to dry out any wet areas as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

With the hurricane season still raging, you should prepare for the worse. One way is to find the best water damage restoration company, which would be no other than Swift Restoration. We will safely remove the waters, so you return to your lives. So, call us now for more details!

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