October 15, 2021

Is mold remediation really necessary?

Mold can appear in all kinds of properties, from homes to commercial buildings - and it’s more common than you’d think. As well as posing a serious health hazard, mold may permanently damage property and furnishings. Find out why mold remediation is necessary, with advice from mold specialists Swift Restoration. 

Is mold remediation really necessary

Mold can have a serious impact on your health and the health of your property - that’s why it’s so important to get it removed as soon as it appears. Mold produces microscopic spores known as mycotoxins (unseen by the naked eye) which spread in the air. So if a very small amount of mold has appeared in your property, it’s very likely that there will be more lurking in hidden cracks and crevices.

How mold can affect your health

One of the biggest dangers of mold spores is the allergens and irritants they produce. This may worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma and encourage the onset of respiratory and fungal infections, especially in older people and babies. 

This is why mold must be removed as soon as possible.

Why do you need a mold remediation expert?

As we mentioned earlier, mold can lurk in hidden places such as behind cupboards, walls, and under floors. Without specialized equipment, it’s impossible to detect hidden mold, and, if left unchecked, this mold will spread rapidly, affecting your health and damaging your property. By choosing a mold remediation company armed with the correct equipment, mold can be detected quickly and removed effectively, for good. 

What's included with mold remediation?

Using specialist equipment, Swift Response field technicians will analyze the mold in your property to determine which types of mold are growing. They will also undertake microbial assessments if required. Where urgent mitigation is needed, our technicians are on-hand to repair your property to help prevent further damage.

After the initial inspection, our trained field technicians will create a remediation plan based on the types of mold they find in your property, and the extent of mold damage (possibly water damage too) to ensure restoration is carried out in a logical order. This is vital to prevent further damage from mold and to ensure the mold doesn’t return.

Remember that mold spreads rapidly, so get it checked out by a professional as soon as you can. Delaying could increase remediation costs due to increased damage caused to your property. Book your free inspection with Swift Response today by calling 866 - 376 - 7831.

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