February 15, 2022

Most Common Spots for Mold Growth in Your Home

Sometimes, even with meticulous design and design-oriented layout, your home may end up having to deal with pesky, and oftentimes, dangerous mold growth. That's why it's extremely important to practice preventative measures and continue to only use clean water, have good air quality, and have a safe and clean environment.

However, some stubborn and hidden mold may not be seen by your naked eye, and these issues can be quite tricky. This type of mold is quite common and often involves high humidity levels.

If you think you're dealing with mold issues, it's best to call mold removal services to ensure that your home gets a thorough inspection and that you get them out of your home.

But besides practicing preventative measures, knowing where mold can breed and grow in your home is crucial. With that being said, here are some of the common places in homes where mold can grow.

1. Your Bathroom

Of course, one of the most common places where mold will definitely grow is your bathroom. Bathrooms are warm and damp, and they are full of moisture that is very prone to mold growth.

Besides the humidity, you'll probably notice mold in the shower and bathroom. This is because these areas have a lot of moisture and are prone to mold growth.

2. Your Kitchen

Kitchens are another common place where mold tends to grow. That's obviously because these areas are warm, moist, and they release a lot of water vapor.

Another common place where mold will grow is in the sink. That's because kitchens are usually warm, humid, and have ample amounts of moisture.

3. In Your Attic and Basement

The attic is another common place where mold will grow. That's because the attic contains lots of moisture which can quickly be caused by low levels of ventilation and by the roofs as it is designed to be waterproof to prevent water from getting into the building.

Apart from that, basements are likewise susceptible to mold growth. That's because basements are dark, wet, and they have high levels of humidity.

That's why it's important to have mold removal services inspect your home to ensure that you nip this issue in the bud before it gets worse.

4. Your Living Area

The living area may not seem like a commonplace where mold will grow but it is. The living area is one of the areas of your home that suffers the most when it comes to mold growth. That's because the living area usually accumulates a lot of moisture and is usually associated with water leaks.

Not only that, because it's exposed to a lot of elements, mold growth can definitely occur.

The Bottom Line: Get Professional Mold Removal Services to Inspect and Clean Up Your Home

It's important to get rid of mold because it's a bad deal for your health and your home. Mold can grow in almost all humid areas of your home. That's why it's important to practice preventative measures and get the right professional mold removal services to inspect and clean up your home.

So if you suspect that you have a mold problem, then it's best to call professional mold removal services to help you fix it.

How Can We Help You?

When it comes to dealing with mold, having experts deal with the matter is crucial—that's where we come in.

Swift Restoration are experts when it comes to mold remediations, water, fire, and storm damage restoration. If you're looking for top-quality mold removal services in Florida, reach out to us today!

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