October 26, 2021

How to restore your property after fire damage

Damage to property after a fire can be devastating. As well as the destructive effects of fire damage, often water and mold damage may also occur after a fire. Restoring a property after a fire is a highly involved process that requires specialist equipment and experience, so it's best left to the experts. Find out how to restore your property after a fire with advice from fire damage restoration experts, Swift Response.

When fire tears through a property, it leaves untold damage in its wake. Further property damage may also occur due to the water used from the extinguishing process; water can encourage the growth of mold, which may damage furnishings and the building itself. What's more, fire damage may undermine the structural integrity of the property, and soot - a byproduct of fire damage - may discolor carpets, furniture, wood, and plastics.

8 steps to restoring your home after a fire

  1. Call in the experts - Call a fire restoration company such as Swift Response immediately. Our customer service team will arrange for our trained field technicians to visit your property to undertake an initial assessment
  2. Inspection, assessment, and emergency mitigation - Upon inspection, our technicians will identify and secure potential hazards as well as conduct a thorough inspection of the damage caused by fire, soot, and water, before carrying out any urgent mitigation needed to minimize damage and to ensure the property is secure
  3. Restoration plan - Our team will then create a restoration plan based on the damage. No two restoration projects are the same - every property will be affected differently, especially in the case of water damage which often quickly leads to mold infestation
  4. Water extraction - In the case of water damage after a fire, our technicians will remove any standing water as quickly as possible using advanced water pumps, before using industrial dehumidifiers to completely dry the property 
  5. Removal of damaged materials - Our technicians will remove materials from the property that are beyond repair and work with you to organize the removal of non-salvageable personal items, furniture, and electrical items
  6. Removal of soot, smoke, and odor - Using specialist equipment our technicians will use advanced techniques to remove soot inside the building and on furniture and fittings; this will improve air quality, reduce odors, and minimize damage caused by staining
  7. Cleaning and sanitization - Using specialist antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments, our technicians will clean and disinfect the building and furnishings
  8. Restoration - Our team will carry out all minor and major repairs including drywalling, painting, replacing carpets or even reconstructing rooms, to ensure your property is restored back to its original condition. 

Book your free inspection with Swift Response by calling our 24/7 emergency line on 866 - 376 - 7831.

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