November 29, 2021

How the weather affects mold growth

If you think that mold is just a warmer weather problem, think again. Mold can spread rapidly given the right conditions and may affect your health and damage your home. Find out more about mold and how the weather can affect it, with advice from mold remediation experts, Swift Response.

Mold needs moisture, air, and warmth to grow, so the heat and high humidity of the summer months encourage mold to grow and spread. But what about winter weather?

Is mold really a problem in winter?

Most of our mold remediation projects take place during the hot weather, but mold can also be a huge problem during the winter too. Although outside temperatures are lower, after you’ve cranked up the heat it can get very warm inside your home. And where there’s warmth and humidity (mainly condensation from bathrooms and kitchens), there’s the potential for mold to grow, and to quickly escalate into a serious infestation. 

Attics are one place in your home that can be severely affected by mold if you don’t have adequate ventilation in place. Your roof tends to accumulate humidity from inside your home, and if the humidity doesn’t have any way of escaping, mold will grow and spread quickly. When was the last time you went up in your attic? Check your attic regularly for signs of mold, and make sure that you have proper ventilation in place to prevent an infestation.

How harmful is mold to your health?

Mold produces spores that give off irritants, allergens, and substances called mycotoxins that are toxic to humans. Mold spores can be found everywhere in the air, in fact, mold spores are all around us. So when do they become a problem for our health? When mold spores are confined to small areas, such as your home and your workplace, they can begin to affect your health and may give you respiratory infections, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Find out more about how mold can affect your health.

If you suspect your property has a mold problem, get it remediated immediately. Swift Response has dealt with mold problems in thousands of homes and commercial properties across Florida and Louisianna, so get in touch for your free inspection - it won’t cost you a dime and could save you thousands of dollars on repairs, not to mention your health. Call us on 866-376-7831 today.  

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