September 29, 2021

Finding a restoration firm after water damage

Burst pipes, poorly installed washing machines and dishwashers, holes in the roof, unsealed baths and showers, storage tanks - there are so many ways water can get into the home and cause damage. And it needs to be restored QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY, otherwise it can cause further damage, including mold.

In fact, the smallest of leaks can quickly turn into a torrent, resulting in very costly and ruinous damage. You must not gloss over or underestimate the warning signs of water leaks.

The first thing to do after water damage is to turn off the source of water and the electricity if it is safe to do so. The second thing to do is to have the water damage assessed and repaired ASAP. This is because wet materials, including structural building materials, can develop serious problems such as mold, warping, and breakage - and that can happen fast. You don't have time to wait, so call a water damage restoration firm, like Swift Response, straight away.

When you call Swift Response, we'll ask you information about the water damage. One of the questions we'll ask if what type of water it is (don't worry if you don't know though).

There are generally three types of water:

  • Clean water, which comes from rain, condensation, and leaking pipes. It is usually fairly harmless in itself, although will cause problems if left. It is usually safe to touch this water and soak up as much as you can while you wait for Swift Response to arrive.
  • Gray water, which is water that is slightly dirty and comes from clean toilets, washing machines, dishwashers and so on. It is likely to have some contaminants in it, however is not usually dangerous. Again, you can begin to clear this up yourself while you wait for Swift Response to arrive, but make sure to wear protective gloves and a mask. If you are unsure at all, don't touch the water. Call our team and they will give you guidance.
  • Black water, which is extremely contaminated water that can cause very serious health problems. You must never try to clean up this water yourself. Instead, leave the property, make sure all pets and people have been removed from the property, and wait for Swift Response to arrive.

If you have water damage, and it is safe to do so, also check for mold damage. Mold grows wherever celllulose and water is available. In fact, if you have water damage, mold can begin to grow and proliferate in as little as 24 hours. When you call Swift Response, make sure to tell our customer service team that you have also spotted mold, if this is the case. We are experts at mold remediation as well as water damage restoration.

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